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We are as excited as we are proud to sponsor, with Randwick Botany Cycling Club, the May Super Series. Prizes for guys! Prizes for girls! Prizes, prizes, prizes – thank you BikeBug for helping 
I’d ridden this descent four times in the past couple of weeks with various groups – first a lot of the riders from Easter Suburbs and then with some of the triathletes from The Brats. It’s a nice climb up Tawonga Gap in Bright, Victoria, but equally so on the way down.
Here’s the footage of the Moore Performance (vs Cheeky Velosport) laParouse Team Time Trial from this morning. 3000m of climbing over the weekend + being the only roadie with these TT bikes did not help at all
Here’s the front-view camera of the Moore Performance and Cheeky Velosport Heffron crit last week. Just as well I’m good at financial advice, because I don’t quite yet know how to make the rear and the front camera’s loaded on to one video
On Tuesday of this week I was fortunate enough to roll around Heffron’s crit course with a whole bunch of Moore Performance and Cheeky Velosport riders. It was a 5.45am start, which is pretty early for Heffron.
The ATO, who regulate SMSFs, say that before you start making investments you must have an investment strategy, which set out your fund’s investment objectives and specifies the types of investments your fund can make.
Another fantastic Sydney morning whilst riding to work via the Bondi Alps.
Here’s a video of a few minutes riding with the Sutherland Tradies guys. Thanks for the turns guys.
A very cool website by a group called It maps out one’s ride like tv broadcasters do for televised races.
Borrowing money for an asset within a SMSF (most commonly an investment or business property) can be a great way to leverage your returns, but like all gearing, it can magnify the losses too! It’s just as important to follow the very strict guidelines if it’s something you’re interested in.
Here’s a great video from the ATO about setting up a SMSF. It’s only a few minutes long and well worth a look if it’s something you’ve ever considered. I especially like the bit at the end
The ATO outlines a lot of the moving parts to a SMSF fulfilling its legal obligations. They can be fun, provide you considerably more choice than you have now and help with estate planning but there is a lot of work that needs to be done. For many though, despite the work, they are a great choice.
More of the more common investment assets for a SMSF is an investment property. Whilst the ‘great Aussie dream’ of owning property can be a sound idea, what is not is you or your relative staying in it – even if it’s for a night!
Watson’s Bay KOM on a winter’s morning! Not a bad place to be whilst most others are sleeping