Property investing – the ‘Great Aussie Dream’.

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Investing in Australia’s biggest asset is both an exciting proposition and a complicated one.  At least, it should be. Yes, investing in property is exciting but there are so many things to consider, it actually is complicated.

A good property investor will consider:

– capital growth potential;

– investment income (ie, the rent);

– the level of expenses (ie, mortgage repayments, rates and maintenance);

– vacancy rates (if you are an investor);

– the dwelling type;

– any depreciation benefits;

– the level of supply in the local area;

– the local infrastructure;

– development and planning in the local area, region and State;

– the economic factors of the local area, region and State.


Whilst this is a lot to accommodate, each factor needs to be considered to ensure you have the best chance of having a successful investment property. So, how do you make it exciting and easy? Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions via the ‘email icon’ link below or call us on
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