I have worked with Daniel and the team at KOM Financial Advice on several occasions over the past 12-18 months and it has been a delightful experience. The level of professionalism, genuine interest in understanding my needs, level of service and engagement is exceptional. They performed a detailed onboarding review of my situation and needs, the advice I received very much aligned to what I had expressed during the onboarding which was really important to me. I was particularly interested in protecting myself whilst cycling, I believe the product and service offered by KOM in relation to this is unsurpassable.

I would have no reservations in recommending the team at KOM Financial Advice.

-- Sam King

I met Daniel at a Cycling Camp organised by Moore Performance at Jindabyne in January of this year. At the camp he spoke about cycling insurance, which at that time meant nothing to me. I did not really care and did not understand how it would benefit me and why on earth I would need it. From January onwards I started commuting to work and realized how dangerous and scary it was and wanted to know how I was protected if something were to happen to me. That is when I got in touch with Daniel for a very informal chat about what he could do to help me. Dan was great, he explained it all in simple terms using great cycling analogies and helped me understand the risks and benefits of how cycling insurance could protect me. He gave a very personalized service and spent the time to develop a plan that I was 100% comfortable with and am excited to have. Knowing that I am now protected if I break a bone while cycling takes so much pressure off as in my opinion with commuting unfortunately it is only a matter of when not if.

Dan then helped introduce other ways to help me as I have a lot to learn when it comes to finances!! I have been so impressed with the time and effort spent by Daniel that I have passed on his details to my sister and bestie telling them they are silly if they do not do something about cycling insurance as it is such a big part of our lives. Daniel will help tailor a plan that suits your needs and your lifestyle.

Thanks Dan for your ongoing support!

-- Amanda Clark

“I made the decision to seek the services of Daniel after spending a few days cycling with him. I felt that he could provide me with significant value-add both in respect of my superannuation and insurance choices. After now having had the opportunity to assess his approach to advising me, I am thrilled that I made the decision. He is both fastidious and prudent in his approach, very well-versed in the requirements of his profession and not the sort of person to take or allow any short-cuts. I have since recommended Daniel to family members and am confident that they will be as delighted with his services as I am. “

-- Mark Baker